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High Efficiency IE3, IE4 Electric Motors

How to Make Your Company More Green

70% of the energy used by industries derives from the installation of electric motors on machines for the production processes.

Since 1st January 2017 the new European Regulation 640/2009/EC require IE3 as minimum efficiency level for motors from 0.75 kW to 375 kW, unless equipped with VSD.

WEG’s engagement towards “green technology” can be seen in the W22 Super Premium line, appropriately studied to comply with the standards and assure constant efficiency levels, from 75% to 100% of load range.

Advantages of Using High Efficiency Electric Motors

Reduced Energy Consumption

In 6 months electricity consumption is reduced from 10% to 40% with respect to standard motors. Purchase costs can be compensated.

Low Energy Waste

A more advanced design enable lower energy losses, by guaranteeing best performances. Excellent cooling system.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

The Premium Efficiency Electric Motors keep high efficiency levels, by reducing CO2 emissions and safeguarding the environment.

Comparison Table

Efficiency levels based on IEC 60034-30-1

The table shows a comparison between IE2 and IE3 efficiency levels, according to the standards IEC 60034-30, and the new W22 Super Premium Efficiency line.

The investment for the replacement of installed motors with W22 Super Premium Efficiency motors will be repaid in a short period of time.

The energy savings will be even more considerable, if the old motor had been subject to repairs during his lifetime, since each repair can reduce performance by up to 1% of efficiency.

Thanks to innovative design, there is 20% to 40% less downtime and extended motor lifetime, even in strenuous operating conditions.

Calculate Your Savings

As electric motors usually run for thousands of hours every year, replacing them with more efficient motors entails relevant economic advantages and pays the initial investment back in short time, providing energy savings and underlining the reliability of the plant.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust old industrial sites to the latest energy efficiency solutions to obtain low consumption and reduced environmental impact.

According to DIN EN 50347 standard, it is possible to replace a IE1 or IE2 motor with a IE3 or IE4 one, being sure that such investment will provide a constant payback.

Calcolo risparmio energetico

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